LIFE Groups

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These are small groups that meet weekly providing a place to look at how we are called to follow Jesus in all areas of our lives, build outward looking communities and support each other in our daily lives.  We have numerous groups across the parish with a range of ages and people mixes to suit everyone.

LIFE is based upon the principals

Learning. Principally through Bible study; sharing and understanding God’s word

Intercession. Praying for each other, the church, community and the world.

Fellowship. This is more than just friendship, as part of the body of Christ we seek to encourage and help each other walk in the Christian life.

Evangelism. Through both prayer and practical action. This could be through group initiatives and by supporting outreach projects of the parish and beyond.

MATs and LIFE Groups provide a place of community and belonging, where you can grow in your faith and develop as a disciple. If you would like to join a LIFE group or would like more information please contact Jane on or 01457 853330