Our vision for youth is based upon Philippians 2:12-17; equipping and encouraging young people to “Shine like stars as they hold firmly to the word of life”

We are intentional in building a community that any young person can access to help them explore the story of God and all that God has for them.

Please contact the Church Office for further details. 01457 853330

WHITFIELD YOUTH for ALL Youth across the Parish

Sundays three times a term 09.20-10.30 am

Building a community of welcome and worship, these sessions are the opportunity for the young people to grow in faith, friendship, mission and their identity in Christ as they have fun together.

Youth church isn’t limited to just Sunday mornings

Growth Groups

Growth Group, School  Years 7&8. Alternate Tuesdays during term time. 6.30-8pm.
Boys Growth Group, School Years 9+ Alternate Tuesdays during term time. 4.30-7.00pm.
Girls Growth Group, School Years  9+ Alternate Thursdays during term time. 7.30-9pm 

Small groups for young people seeking to explore a journey of faith with God. Fun and food an optional extra!


Mentoring offers our young people the one to one opportunity to spend time exploring faith, accountability and prayer with a mature Christian.

Socials & Weekends Away

Throughout the year we give our young people opportunities to grow in faith together through socials, sleepovers, conferences, weekends away and the opportunity to serve in church and in the wider community, showing Jesus’ love in action.  These activities involve lots of food and hopefully lots of fun!