How can I pray?

Anyone can pray at any time! But how?

Prayer is our communication with God. It involves listening, talking, and expressing ourselves to God in different ways. It’s simple, but can feel difficult. So how can we get started?

One simple pattern that might help is TeaSPoon Prayers:

  • Thank you – Say some short prayers: ‘Thank you God for… Amen’
  • Sorry – Take a moment to reflect on things you know you’ve done wrong. Say ‘Sorry God for… Amen.’ When we say sorry to God, he forgives us.
  • Please: Ask God for anything that comes to mind.

Prayer can be as simple as that! But there are loads more ways to pray!

Here’s a pattern you can try at the end of the day…

There are lots more great ideas to help you pray from 24-7 Prayer here and here

As well as praying on our own, it’s easier (and important) to pray with other people. As a church, we gather to pray as part of our Sunday & midweek services, as well as in our Growth Groups. We also meet weekly at 9:15am on Mondays at St. Luke’s to pray together. We pray for one another, our church, our community and the world. 

If you need more ideas or help – do ask us or get in touch. We’d love to help you!

Reading the Bible

Like praying, reading the Bible regularly is an important way to grow in Christian faith, but it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve put together some suggestions to help…