Easter Sunday 12/04/20

For Children: The first half of this week’s service is quite child-friendly (including Paws). There’s also a children’s Easter Bible reading here & story here & Messy Church Activities here
Youth: Contact Samuel direct or via here for chat groups/Zoom gatherings.





What do you want to thank God for?
What do you want to ask God for?

Here’s what some members of our church said…

Now it’s your turn!
Say your own short ‘Thank You God…’ prayers out loud;
Then say some ‘Please God…’ prayers.

Finally, take a moment of quiet and say sorry to God for anything you know you’ve done wrong. As we turn back to God, we are forgiven. Say together:

Thank you God, that when we say sorry and turn back to you, you forgive us. We are forgiven. Amen.



Bible Reading

Samuel Klemperer is reading from Mark 16.




Questions to Discuss (now & during the week)

  • How will Easter be different for you this year?
  • In what ways does this time feel like Easter Saturday?
  • What difference do the Cross and the Resurrection make to you?
  • What ideas do you have for showing someone God’s love this Easter?


Now join us in our Sunday Morning Chat on Facebook (starting at 11.20am). Click here * Chat about it with your Growth Group too – using whatever communication means you choose. If you’re not part of a group and would like to be, then let us know at the church office here.
* If you can’t get access to the Facebook Group, let us know and we can help set you up for next time. You may need to request it by going to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/whitfieldparish and clicking the Visit Group button at the top right of the page.

What Next?

During the week, you could try some of these…

  • For Families:
    • Last week, we held an Online Messy Church – you can still do the activities on our website here – and do join our families facebook group.
    • Every Wednesday, there’s an online Midweek Kids session – find it on this website here
  • For Everyone:
    • The Gallery: Try being creative! Make a picture, take a photo or video, write a poem or a piece of music on this week’s theme. Then send it to us. Have a look at it here
    • Start doing daily Bible readings. One way is to use the YouVersion Bible App – which includes series of daily readings.
    • Try starting the challenge of the ‘A Bible in One Year’ – a whole year of studies through the Bible provided by HTB – makers of the Alpha Course. You can search for it on the Bible App or you can find it’s own app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Here’s another Easter Video. How does it make you feel?