Sunday Online 11/04/21

Seed & Soil (11/04/21)

Sorry, our Live Stream didn’t work this week. However, you can watch the main part of the sermon below. It’s the start of a new series on some of Jesus’ parables. Following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, we also reflected on what legacy we would each leave for future generations. There are questions to think about below.

This morning, we also heard an interview with Stephen & Tabita Bell…

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You can use some of these in Growth Groups or alone:

Read Luke 8:4-15

  • How have you seen the different responses in the parable in people’s lives today?
  • In what ways can you relate to the different people in the story?
  • What did Jesus mean by a crop yielding 100 times more than what was sown?
  • Try taking a few minutes to write out the legacy that you would like to leave for future generations when you die. If you’re with others, you might like to talk about it with them.
  • What can we each do now to make it more likely that we will one day yield a crop of 100 times?

What can I pray for?

  • Pray for anyone you know who God has brought to mind during today’s service.
  • Pray for yourself that you would one day leave the legacy that Jesus wants you to leave to future generations.
  • Pray for Stephen and Tabita Bell in response to what they’ve shared in today’s Sunday Online
  • Pray for our church as we seek the person God is calling to be our new Church Administrator

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