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Responding to God (13/12/20)

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You can use some of these in Growth Groups or alone:

Look through the story in Luke 1:26-38.

  • How do you think Mary felt at different stages in this story?
  • What different ways could she have responded?
  • What impact would this experience have on Mary?
  • If Mary came running to you and told you her news, how would you have responded?
  • Have you had any times when you’ve felt that God was asking you to do something? How did you respond?
  • Jesus’ mother was Mary and father was God. Why does this matter? What difference does it make?

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Join us for Zoom Coffee & Chat on Sundays 11.30am – 12.15
Zoom Meeting ID: 856 8151 5317 Passcode: 375804

We are able to meet in our buildings for 6th & 13th December – for those who want to – using the Alphabetical System. Christmas Services will be online. We’ll resume in our buildings & online on 3rd January.

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