Easter Sunday 17/04/22

Easter Sunday

Our live stream from St James’ Church building from 11am Sunday…

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Questions from today’s speaker. You can use some of these in Growth Groups or alone:

Read through John 20:1-18

Hope you have a wonderful & joy-filled Easter!

  • How do you think it felt for the disciples on Good Friday?
  • What is good about Good Friday?
  • Why is the resurrection good news? Give as many reasons as you can.
  • How would you explain the good news about Jesus to someone including his life, death, resurrection and ascension?
  • What differences should it make to the way we live if we remember the resurrection more?
  • What step could you make in your life to be more full of the joy of the resurrection?

Click here an Easter poem from one of our mission partners, Tearfund. You might like to use it for reflection on bringing God’s light into the world.

What can I pray for?

  • Think about the story of the resurrection and the transformation it brought. Ask God to bring that transformation to different situations…
    • Places where there are wars – the Ukraine, Yemen etc
    • Places where people are persecuted this Easter and unable to celebrate
    • The street or neighbourhood where you live

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What Next?

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