Sunday Worship 19/04/20

The Mystery Traveller

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As you quietly reflect on the painting…

  • Say sorry to God for the things you’ve done wrong;
  • Thank Jesus for dying for you
  • Thank God for forgiving you



Use your own words to pray to God for our world and the church at this time.



Now read the story for yourself in Luke 24:13-35 – in your own Bible or click here



Questions to Discuss (now & during the week)

  • How are you finding Sundays Online – what’s good or bad?
  • If you had been on the Road to Emmaus, how do you think you would have felt?
  • When in your life do you feel most aware of God?
  • Are there any times when you’ve realised God was somewhere you didn’t expect?
  • Have you found any good ways to help your faith grow recently?

New Here?

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What Next?

During the week, you could try some of these…

  • For Everyone:
    • There’s loads of excellent material from Spring Harvest at Home, which took place this week, on YouTube here
    • Join us to pray via Zoom on Sunday at 5:45pm. If you’ve not got details, then contact us.
  • For Families:
    • Use the Messy Church Online activities that we’ve started posting weekly here. AND Every Wednesday, there’s an online Midweek Kids session – find it here
  • For Everyone:
    • The Gallery: Try being creative! Make a picture, take a photo or video, write a poem or a piece of music on this week’s theme. Then send it to us. Have a look at it here
    • Start doing daily Bible readings. One way is to use the YouVersion Bible App – which includes series of daily readings.
    • Try Lectio 365 – daily reflections produced by 24-7 Prayer.
    • Try starting the challenge of the ‘A Bible in One Year’ – a whole year of studies through the Bible provided by HTB – makers of the Alpha Course. Find it here – or use it via the Bible App or you can find it’s own app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.