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Healthy Habit: Training


Questions from today’s speaker. You can use some of these in Growth Groups or alone:

Read through 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

  • Paul talks about training like athletes.
    • What might training be like for a Christian trying to become more how Jesus wants us to be?
    • How do you feel about doing this sort of training?
    • In what ways could you adjust your Priorities, Programme or Partners in training?
    • How did Paul’s life demonstrate training to be a Christian?
  • As we reach the end of a series on Healthy Habits…
    • What habits do you want to develop in your life to grow more like Jesus?
    • What practical steps are you taking/will you take?

What can I pray for?

  • Pray for families in our community as the school term comes to an end – for the summer holiday period and for the next steps when a new academic year starts
  • Pray for our bishops and archdeacons as they seek to lead the Church of England in Derby Diocese – and in the decisions they make about our church and others in our area
  • Pray for the work of all those seeking to bring a lasting peace in Ukraine

How to Pray or Read the Bible

It’s good to get into a daily habit of daily prayer and reading the Bible. There are lots of ways to do this. We’ve given some suggestions on this website on ‘How can I pray?’ and ‘How can I read the Bible?’. If you need help, do ask us – we’d love to help!

Recommended Reading for this Series

There are plenty of good books on ‘Healthy Habits’ (or Spiritual Disciplines). Here are a few:

  • The Life You’ve Always Wanted – by John Ortberg
  • Holy Habits – by Andrew Roberts
  • Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster (an old classic)

New Here?

If you’d like to keep in touch, need some practical help, a prayer, or would like to explore faith a bit more… then just let us know via our Contact Page. We’d love to hear from you.

What Next?

You can also join us in our buildings – if you would like to. More details here

Join us to Pray for our church, community and the world on Sundays at 5:45- 6:30pm via Zoom.
Zoom Meeting ID: 846 9100 8512 Password: 316

If you’d like to join a Growth Group, to get to know other people and explore life and faith together, then let us know here.

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