Sunday Online 26/04/20


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and/or Sing…

Watch – A Slice of Good News


Now use your own words to pray to God for our world and the church at this time. You can finish with the Lord’s Prayer…

The Lord’s Prayer

Reading (Matthew 28:16-20)



Listen and reflect (you may want to close your eyes) – or sing along…



Questions to Discuss (now & during the week)

  • What do you think are the biggest influences on people today (good or bad)?
  • During lockdown, how can you ‘Go and make disciples’?
  • Who or what do you follow?
  • Who do you have an influence on?
  • How do you hope to grow as a disciple over the next few weeks?

New Here?

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What Next?

During the week, you could try some of these…

  • Click Here to find out more about what’s going on, including:
    • Supporting the Foodbank (who are short of food and money)
    • A Church Quiz
    • A free piano!
  • Join us to pray via Zoom on Sunday at 5:45pm. If you had details last week, they’re the same today. If you’ve not got details, then contact us.
  • For Families:
    • Use the Messy Church Online activities that we’ve started posting weekly here. AND Every Wednesday, there’s an online Midweek Kids session – find it here
  • Something Extra… If you’d like to think more about sharing your faith, here’s one of the films from the Alpha Course – which we watched last week with the group finishing online…