Sunday Worship 05/04/20

This Sunday: Palm Sunday People

Children: There’s an activity sheet here.
Youth: Contact Samuel direct or via here for chat groups/Zoom gatherings.

Start by watching this short introduction…

Thank you Prayers

Say something you’re grateful for.
Then (all) say: ‘Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.’ (If there are several of you, then one could say the first part and others the second). Repeat for as long as you like!


Play the song – and sing to God in worship (preferably skipping the ads when you can!) This version shows the chords – so you can play along on an instrument (or maybe you could learn to – we’re always after recruits for the band!)


This is from Open Doors – one of our Mission Partners.

Take a moment of quiet to reflect on what you’ve heard.
Pray for those who are isolated and suffering for their faith around the world – perhaps in silence.

Bible Reading

Mike Williams is reading from Mark 11:1-11.



‘Not my will, but yours be done’. Reflect quietly on Jesus’ words to God the Father:

Are there times when you haven’t followed Jesus recently?
When you’ve done things that aren’t his will? or not done things that are?
Say sorry to God for them and ask for his forgiveness.
When you have, pray this prayer (or similar):

Father God
I’m sorry for when I haven’t followed in the way of your son, Jesus.
Thank you that you forgive me.

Help me to do your will –
to be faithful in following you, every day,
whatever it may bring.


There’s time in this one to reflect on the words and talk to God.


Questions to Discuss (now & during the week)

  • Have you taken up any new challenges during the current pandemic?
  • How has this pandemic made you think of others – near or far?
  • What is there to be thankful for?
  • In what ways are you finding it harder or easier to follow Jesus compared to normal?
  • When do you find it hardest to say to God: ‘Not my will, but yours be done’?
  • If you were there on Palm Sunday, how do you think it would have felt?


Now join us in our Sunday Morning Chat on Facebook (starting at 11.20am). Click here * You could also chat about this with your Growth Group – using whatever communication means you choose. If you’re not part of a group and would like to be, then let us know at the church office here.
* If you can’t get access to the Facebook Group, let us know and we can help set you up for next time. You may need to request it by going to our facebook page at and clicking the Visit Group button at the top right of the page.

What Next?

For all ages: Later today, make your own Palm Cross. There are instructions here

For families (or the young at heart who want a bit of a laugh!)
Here’s a song you can sing and dance along to (and then do the activity sheet)

During the week, you could try some of these…

  • For Families:
    • During this week, we are holding an Online Messy Church – find it on this website – or join our families facebook group.
    • Every Wednesday, there’s an online Midweek Kids session – also on this website.
  • For Everyone:
    • On Good Friday at 10:30, we’ll publish a special reflective service here on the website.
    • The Gallery: Try being creative! Make a picture, take a photo or video, write a poem or a piece of music on this week’s theme. Then send it to us. Have a look at it here
    • Start doing daily Bible readings. One way is to use the YouVersion Bible App – which includes series of daily readings.
    • Try starting the challenge of the ‘A Bible in One Year’ – a whole year of studies through the Bible provided by HTB – makers of the Alpha Course. You can search for it on the Bible App or you can find it’s own app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.