Sunday Worship 22/03/20

Welcome to Sunday Live – our first virtual Sunday Service!

While we can’t gather together in person, here you’ll find a pattern for worship, wherever you are, every Sunday at 10.30am. At first, this will be fairly simple, but we will get better!

There’s a Kingdom Kids activity sheet for children related to the same theme – which you can find here.

The youth have their own discussion forum – contact us if that’s for you.

We’re trying to keep the technology simple to allow as many people to join in – and to reduce the chances of it all going wrong! So let’s work together to make these times special – and show our love for God and for one another.

This Sunday: Faith in a Foreign Land

This week, we’re thinking about how we can live as followers of Jesus in the unfamiliar times that we find ourselves in. We’ll be looking to the story of Daniel for help.


Begin by saying a simple prayer such as:

Lord God, thank you that we can worship you together today – even though we’re separated by distance. Thank you that we can still show love for one another. And thank you that nothing in all creation can separate us from your love. Amen.


Play the song ‘Cornerstone’ – and sing to God in worship (preferably skipping the ads when you can!) If the box below doesn’t work, try clicking here instead & return to this page after.


As well as being March-22 and COVID-19, this Sunday is also Mothering Sunday. For some this will be celebration; for others it will be a particularly difficult time. But for all of us, it’s an opportunity to give thanks for those who cared for us when we grew up and it’s also a chance to think about the example we set to the next generation and those around us. Here’s a video that we watched last year to help lead into prayer…

Pray – TeaSPoon Prayers (Thank you – Sorry – Please)

Thanks: Use simple prayers of thanks – ‘Thank you God for… Amen’.
Thank God for all those who have shown you love over the years. Repeat for as many things as you can

Sorry: Have a few moments of silence to think of things that you want to say sorry to God for – maybe for times when you have set a bad example to others. Say sorry to him and ask for his help to get things right in future. Know that as you say sorry, God does forgive you and will help you by his Holy Spirit to change.

Please: Think of some people who you are particularly concerned about at this time and ask God to heal/comfort/bless them – and to bring them his peace. Try praying out loud – even if you’re on your own.

Bible Reading

Read Daniel Chapter 1. You can use your Bible or you can find it on YouVersion here For adults, use the NIVUK version. If you click on the speaker symbol, you can listen to it being read.
Note: If you have a smartphone, we strongly recommend downloading the Bible App by YouVersion – there are loads of great resources on it. I’ll mention more later.


Here’s this week’s talk. If you can’t see it below, try going to


Pause for a few moments.
Ask God: What do you want me to do in response to what we’ve been thinking about this morning? You could write down or draw your thoughts.


Sing, listen or watch ‘Be thou my vision’ – with scenes from a foreign land…

Questions to Discuss

During the coronavirus outbreak…

  • How are you feeling about the situation we find ourselves in?
  • What new habit could you start (or improve) to grow closer to God?
  • What step could you take to grow closer to other Christians?
  • What action could you take to show God’s love for others?


We really hope that this has helped you worship God today.

May God bless you, and many others through you, this week.
(If you’re with others, you can say this to one another).

Now, try this…


Now take part in our Sunday Morning Chat on Facebook, which you can find by Clicking here * You could also chat about this with your Growth Group – using whatever communication means you choose. If you’re not part of a group and would like to be, then let us know at the church office here.
* If you can’t get access to the Facebook Group, let us know and we can help set you up for next time. You may need to request it by going to our facebook page at and clicking the Visit Group button at the top right of the page.

What Next?

During the week, you could try some of these…

  • Keep in touch with your Growth Group – caring & praying for one another & encouraging one another in following Jesus.
  • Start doing daily Bible readings. One way is to use the YouVersion Bible App – which includes series of daily readings. Find it on the Google Play or Apple App Stores. It also gives you loads of Bible versions which you can download onto your phone – so you’ve got them anywhere.
  • Try starting the challenge of the ‘A Bible in One Year’ – a whole year of studies through the Bible provided by HTB – makers of the Alpha Course. You can search for it on the Bible App or you can find it’s own app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Find out more about the background to Daniel by watching the video below…