Sundays in our Buildings

From September 2020, we have been able to gather again in our buildings for Sunday Worship. You are very welcome to come! The services are still a bit different from normal – so please follow the guidelines below to help everyone during this time.

Sunday Services, Weddings & Funerals – Gathering Safely

We now have more freedom in how we worship, but with COVID levels high, we want to continue to care for one another. As a next step, please follow the following guidelines out of love for others – particularly the vulnerable and anxious…

  • You can now come any week to either building (9:30 St Luke’s or 11am St James’). Our capacity is now about 100 in each building.
  • Please continue to wear facemasks inside our buildings (unless you have a government exemption)
  • Please continue to practice social distancing and use sanitiser
  • Please continue to maintain space between households – unless by mutual agreement
  • You can now sing – but please wear a facemask.
  • Please note who is within 2 metres of you – in case someone later tests positive
  • Please gather to chat outside the building, rather than inside, where possible.
  • Please stay at home if you have any COVID symptoms or are asked to do so by the NHS

Please feel free to take these extra precautions if you prefer:

  • Songs will be at the start and end of services – so you can arrive late or leave early  
  • Feel free to reserve spaces alongside you to ensure social distancing
  • We will continue live streaming of the 11am service on our website
  • If you have particular concerns, please let us know

From September: We plan to restart many more of our activities, whilst continuing to monitor the situation.

Sunday Children’s and Youth Groups have a Summer break and will restart from 5th September.

St James’ is on Hollincross Lane SK13 8JQ; St Luke’s is on Fauvel Road SK13 7AR; The Vineyard is on Charlestown Road SK13 8JN


 Q: What are the arrangements for Children/Youth?

  • During August, groups take a break and there are activity sheets in the church. At other times…
  • Children’s and Youth Work will be in the Vineyard (18-20 Charlestown Rd, SK13 8JN)
  • Please drop off children at the Vineyard at 10:45am & collect them after the service at St James.

Q: What safety measures are you taking?

  • We take the safety of all those who come to our church buildings very seriously – especially at this time. We are following the guidelines set by the government and the Church of England. We have carried out full Risk Assessments and are taking measures such as social distancing, face masks, sanitisers and cleaning. We will continue to monitor these and update them as necessary if local or national guidelines change.
  • For those who are vulnerable, sick, or prefer not to come, we are continuing to provide services online.

Q: What about Communion?

  • We are now able to share in Communion at some of our services, however there are safety measures in place for how we do that. For example, we will not share a common cup, instead we dip the bread in the wine before distributing it to each person.

Q: What if I’ve got other questions?

  • Hopefully we’ve covered most things on the homepage and here, but if not, please do contact us.

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make these Sundays for a Season happen. We’re doing our best in circumstances which are far from ideal. As we move forward, please let’s all continue to be patient and caring for one another – so that we are known by our love for God, for one another and for others.