Sundays in our Buildings

Sundays for a Season

From September 2020, we have been able to gather again in our buildings for Sunday Worship. You are very welcome to come! Capacity is limited, and the services will be very different – Sundays for a Season – so please follow the guidelines below to help everyone during this time.

The pattern from 18th April – 30th May 2021 is as follows:

  • Youth and Families with Children
    • Come any week (except 5th week of the month) to St James’, 11am (because we are not providing Sunday children’s/youth activities online).
    • School-aged children can be dropped at The Vineyard (SK13 8JN) first at 10.45am
    • Youth meet at The Vineyard at 10.45am.
    • Pre-schoolers are welcome with parents/carers in St James’ and there are bags of toys and books you can borrow.
  • Those without Internet Access
    • Come to the building below, based on your surname. But you can also come to the weeks in-between
  • Everyone Else
    • Surname A-B: 1st & 3rd weeks of the month, St James’ 11am
    • Surname C-F: 2nd & 4th weeks of the month, St James’ 11am
    • Surname G-M: 1st & 3rd weeks of the month, St Luke’s 9.30am
    • Surname N-Z: 2nd & 4th weeks of the month, St Luke’s 9.30am

St James’ is on Hollincross Lane SK13 8JQ; St Luke’s is on Fauvel Road SK13 7AR; The Vineyard is on Charlestown Road SK13 8JN

More Details

How and when can I come to worship on a Sunday? What can I expect? What safety measures will be in place? What is there for children? How can I help?


It is very important that we abide by the government regulations – both to show love for others and so that we can continue to meet. In particular:

  • Please remember to bring and wear a facemask (unless you have an authorised exemption)
  • Please arrive in good time before the start of the service to allow time for Track & Trace, sanitising and social distancing. The buildings will be open for reflection 15 minutes before the service.
  • Please feel free to chat outside the building one-to-one before and after the service – but please maintain Social Distancing.
  • We will use recorded music as part of our worship, but we are not allowed to sing along.

Questions & Answers

 Q: What are the arrangements for Children/Youth?

  • Children’s and Youth Work will be in the Vineyard (18-20 Charlestown Rd, SK13 8JN)
  • Please drop off children at the Vineyard at 10:45am & collect them after the service at St James.

Q: What if our family has more than one surname?

  • Please choose one letter for all of you and then stick to it.

Q: What if I bring someone else or care for someone?

  • It’s absolutely fine to come together – but please choose one surname between you (either carer or cared-for) and stick to that.

Q: What if I’m serving on a team?

  • Thank you for serving! Please feel free to come to your normal ‘allocated services’ in addition to when you’re on team.

Q: What if I can’t come on my allocated week?

  • You can still come, but if we are over capacity, places will be given first to those assigned to that week.

Q: What if I normally go to the other building?

  • During this time, we need to enable as many people to come as possible. If we only went to our normal building, we would have spaces at one building, and be over-crowded at the other. So, thank you for showing love to others by following the pattern.

Q: What safety measures are you taking?

  • We take the safety of all those who come to our church buildings very seriously – especially at this time. As explained in the video, we are following the guidelines set by the government and the Church of England. We have carried out full Risk Assessments and are taking measures such as social distancing, face masks, sanitisers, cleaning and track and trace. We will continue to monitor these and update them as necessary if local or national guidelines change.
  • For those who are vulnerable, sick, or prefer not to come, we are continuing to provide services online.

Q: Will the groups change?

  • Every 2 months, we rotate the groups so that over time, people can go to the other building. We will also review how the system is working.

Q: What about a five week month?

  • There will be an all-age service – which will be online for everyone, with no service in our buildings

Q: What if I’ve got other questions?

  • Hopefully we’ve covered most things on the homepage and here, but if not, please do contact us.

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make these Sundays for a Season happen. We’re doing our best in circumstances which are far from ideal. As we move forward, please let’s all continue to be patient and caring for one another – so that we are known by our love for God, for one another and for others.