I’m New Here

Thank you for visiting our website. We would love you to join us at Whitfield Parish at either St James’ or St Luke’s Church and if you’re thinking of visiting church for the first time then you are especially welcome.

If you are thinking about coming along to our Sunday services, we hope that the following information will help you to get a good impression of what to expect when you arrive.

Sunday Services

We have two church services each Sunday in Whitfield Parish– 10:00am at St Luke’s on Fauvel Road and 10:30am at St James’ on Hollincross Lane. Refreshments are served from 10:00am at St James’ so please feel free to come a bit earlier and grab a drink before the service starts.

Please click here for a map to our churches and The Vineyard.

Members of our friendly Welcome Team will be on hand when you arrive. After the morning services please stay, we would love to serve you with refreshments and have a chat.

The services last about an hour and a quarter and every service starts with about 15 to 20 minutes of contemporary worship.  During the worship the children  leave to go to their groups. This is followed by some church notices that are good to hear verbally or visually (most news can be found in our weekly newsletter Grapevine, on Twitter or Facebook).  Please follow and like us to get regular updates and prayers.   There is then a reading from the Bible and talk based around the Bible reading and experiences of following Jesus that are practical and relevant to our lives today.  At some of our services we gather together for communion.  We finish our services with some more worship.  After the service there will be an opportunity for prayer if you would like it. Dress code is however you want to come and what you feel most comfortable in.

All children are really welcome (especially noisy kids) and we try to bear all ages in mind.  There are also plenty of activities for children and youth every Sunday, with an altogether service on the last Sunday of every month where we worship together as a church family in each church (no children’s groups are on on that day).  Both churches come together as a Parish to worship, when we do this notifications will be in the Grapevine and on the ‘What’s On’ Page on the website.

At the back of both churches we have information packs for you to take away, which will give you more information about worship, children, youth, seniors, and our mission area teams to read at your leisure with a coffee.  In the pack there is also a quick information sheet, it would be great if, after you had been coming a few weeks, you could complete one of these to help us get you the information that is important to you.

For more information about St James’ and St Luke’s churches please contact Jane at the Parish Office on tel:01457 853330 or email: jane@whitfieldparish.org.

For information about baptisms and weddings please click here

What next?

Have you been attending Whitfield Parish for a while? What to get a bit more involved, take a look at Grow in Faith

If you’re exploring faith and Christianity, we highly recommend our Alpha Course, or joining one of our LIFE Groups that run throughout the year.

Want to know more about what is happening over the next few months in the Parish? Click here or go to the ‘What’s On’ postcard on the Welcome page.