Grace Kitchen

Grace Kitchen is our community initiative that prepares bags of food to those in our community to serve and bless them.

As a registered charity, St James’ & St Luke’s Church are now able to receive leftover food from some of our Glossop food stores. This food has gone past its best before date but is perfectly safe to eat. What we receive varies but includes bakery items such as bread, rolls and scones as well as some vegetable/fruit items such as potatoes, parsnips and apples. We can also get tinned and cupboard items where the container has been damaged.  

We have a limited number of these bags available each Wednesday. Food bags need to be collected from The Vineyard (from 11.15am – 1.00pm)We work on a first come first served basis and where possible prioritise those that are living by themselves, in need, poorly and the elderly/vulnerable.

Request a Bag

If you, or someone you know, would like a bag, please fill out the below form. If you have children, please include their ages.

How can I help?

There’s a number of ways you can support us. You can:

  • Volunteer with us on a one off or regular basis. We have volunteers to help pack bags, deliver the bags and to bake.
  • Donate food items or make a financial contribution. We use donations to top up the bags so that households can make at least one meal and so that there is some form of vegetable and fruit.
  • Pray! This initiative is aimed at those who may need some extra support during this season and this is a great way to connect with those around us.
  • To get involved in anyway, please contact The Office.

To enable us to comply with DBS checks, we kindly ask that you do not just turn up to volunteer but wait until we have arranged a time to meet with you..