Hello! All our Youth Work is overseen by Samuel – you can find out more about him here.

Staying Connected

We have been using Zoom and Discord to keep young people connected to each other and our youth ministry team. We feel that we are in times when a sense of community and the support of friends is of the utmost importance for all.

Please email our youth worker Samuel if you would like to know more at

Sunday Mornings

From the 18th of April 2021 forward we are moving back to in person sessions in the Vineyard meeting at 10:45am. Please bring a face covering!

Sunday Morning Youth has gone digital! We are meeting on Zoom at 11:30am to discuss the online service together and take a moment to pray for each other in this difficult time. I encourage you to watch the online service available from 11am before attending youth. You can access it here. Please contact Samuel for further details.


From the 18th of April 2021 forward we are going back to in-person groups in the Vineyard meeting at 7:00pm. Please bring a face covering!

Roots has gone online and we have been meeting on Zoom on Sundays at 7pm. At Zoots we have a short weekly kahoot quiz, discuss a topic picked by the young people and play a game. Come and join us, you’d be most welcome! Email Samuel for the details.

We often use our Discord server immediately after these sessions to play online games together!

Discord Server

We have set up an online private community network using a Discord server. This is a place for young people to encourage and support one another and share honest thoughts and feelings.

Young people will need to register on Discord in order to join us online. You can also download the mobile app and register that way. Once you have a Discord account please email Samuel who can send you the link to join our private server.

Safeguarding Young People Online

Our youth ministry team takes safeguarding very seriously and adheres strictly with our Safeguarding Policy regarding online communications and social media contact with young people under chapter 12 (pages 38-40). If you have questions about any of the applications we use to connect with young people, please email Samuel.

Pastoral Calls

Samuel has a work phone to contact young people with. If you feel you would like to have a chat, or text Samuel, get in touch on +44 7918 489499. He can make time to speak to you on his work days; Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.


Whether you’re a young person or a parent, here are some resources which are freely accessible that you may find fun, helpful and encouraging.

Activities & Fun

Youth for Christ have been putting out free youth sessions and plans:

Youth for Christ YouTube Channel

Scripture Union Lockdown: Support and Resources

Why not browse the Christian Classics Ethereal Library?

Answering Questions – A brilliant website to look up more about Christianity.

Devotional & Prayer Resources

YouVersion Bible app

A contemplative prayer app (by 24-7 prayer)

Mental Health Support Resources