Staying Connected

In light of the current circumstances, we are unable to continue meeting face to face with your young people. However, we have been using Zoom and Discord to keep young people connected to each other and our youth ministry team. We feel that we are in times when a sense of community and the support of friends is of the utmost importance for all. Please email our youth worker Samuel if you would like to know more or join us online at


Zoom is a free video conferencing application. We have regular meetings on Sundays at 7pm and Thursdays at 11am with young people. To access our meetings please email Samuel who can provide you with a link to join our private meetings.

Discord Server

We have set up an online private community network using a Discord server. This is a place for young people to encourage and support one another and share prayers and reflections. We have daily updates including a verse of the day (from YouVersion Bible app) and a daily quarantine challenge! We also link in with the online Sunday services and there is opportunity to discuss the weekly topic.

Young people will need to register on Discord in order to join us online. You can also download the mobile app and register that way. Once you have a Discord account please email Samuel who can send you the link to join our private server.

Safeguarding Young People Online

Our youth ministry team takes safeguarding very seriously and adheres strictly with our Safeguarding Policy regarding online communications and social media contact with young people under chapter 12 (pages 38-40). If you have questions about any of the applications we use to connect with young people, please email Samuel.