Christian Aid Week 2021

Find out more at :

There’s also information about Christian Aid’s Coronavirus response at:


You can give in many ways including via the Christian Aid website above or through the Glossop just giving one which allows us to collate the amount raised in Glossopdale.   

If you use the ‘Justgiving page’ you will be asked to increase your donation to cover costs of the site – you can decline this or give a smaller amount.  
We raised £3210 last year, so we are hoping to raise roughly the same again.  If you prefer to donate direct to the Christian Aid website please let Chris Nudds* know and she can add your donation to our local total.  

If you want to do something else you can invite your family and friends to donate by using the e-Envelope designed by Christian Aid.  If you go to  you can personalise your own envelope –     you add your own picture or video and personalise the message – then just email it to your family and friends.  

Thank you for all you will do this Christian Aid Week.  

Chris Nudds – Central Methodist

Sheila Humphrey – St James & St Luke’s Church