Mission Partners

We choose to give away ten per cent of all our parish income in order to resource mission at home and overseas.  Two thirds of this money is shared between five mission partners selected by the PCC.   Information about what our partners are up to and how you can pray for them can be seen below.

Dave Maguire – Romania  

You can see an interview that we did with Dave in June 2021 here

Hello friends and co-labourers in Christ Jesus.

Since I last wrote we have been extremely busy with four new houses built, and with weekly food outreach to different villages, with some clothes distribution and wood collection.

We’ve done church building work in Tigmandru and Elieseni. There has been Christmas present distribution to ten villages and to many denominations and to non-Christians.

We’ve been praying for the sick even through bars as dangerous dogs were on the other side! Hodu has been appointed as pastor in Tigmandru. We’ve had weekly bible studies and recently baptised 23 new converts.

I’ve been amazed at all God’s goodness and power in the Holy Spirit to equip and empower us in any small or large situation that presents itself. With a new year and season some things are slowing down but new things are happening soon.

May God bless you in all you do for Jesus and in all seasons. Stay close to Jesus and please write and let me know how God is working in your lives.

If God can work through an overweight northerner from Glossop, he can work through you!

Love in Christ from the McGuires.


Message Trust

In November a new Eden team was launched in Blaen-Y-Maes in Wales to celebrate they went out helping and serving the community .This included free car washing , litter picking , live music, painting fences and tidying gardens and sharing the love of Jesus.

The community Groceries are doing well from the first one opening up in Sharston back in September 2020 with new ones opening up across the country , this links in with support , dept management , delivering meals to people who cannot get out for various reasons.

With visits and activities in Prisons cancelled and both men and women prisoners spending more time in their cells the work of the message prison teams have been sending letters of encouragement love and hope and have seen lives being changed .

At the start of 2021 Eden Wyhthenshawe Park was launched , 23 years after the very first Eden team. This team is lead by John Hopkins and his new team

On Jan 21st an online prayer gathering was held and hosted by Greater  Manchester Prayer inviting leaders and people up and down the country to pray for our nation and the world united in prayer.

Jan 30th the very first Global Advance day was held the plan to launch hundreds of groups across the globe so that men and women can be better equipped to sharing the gospel, also a free online Advanced Explored sessions for those who want to develop more in their evangelism.

#ChooseToLive a campaign set up by the Message band Amongst Wolves due to the alarming increase of people hitting rock bottom through health and mental health and those considering or committing suicide due to the covid pandemic , this campaign is to flood social media platforms with messages of hope, encouragement and life hoping to help those who are struggling .

February saw the Message live going online aiming at young people spreading the good news and equipping them for mission.

Finally continue to pray for the Message Trust for all those involved at the forefront and in the background , pray for them to be rooted in Gods word and teaching , to be encouraged and to encourage , for health and mental wellbeing. We especially pray for the online event called Shine Live on 19th march featuring the band Soulbox with high energy music and q & a . we pray also for Exploring Eden being held online on 22nd April this is aimed at those who want to join Eden to help transform communities by the love of Jesus Amen.


Nick & Donna Rogers at

Gamesley Community Cafe

Hi everyone we wish to thank you for your commitment to pray and support Cafe Jericho outreach.

 Obviously Covid19 has impacted significantly. As a business we can only operate as a takeaway service and all the groups we facilitate put on hold. We are about £700.00 per week down in takings. God has faithfully sustained the business and for now it is healthy.

However we serve more than takeaway food. Here are a few details to give you a flavour of our past week.

Donna spent most of Tuesday on the phone speaking to mental health professionals about the safety of one of our customers. The service appears to be in meltdown. We kept a young man safe fed and watered for about 2 1/2 hours until he decided to leave. We had requested an ambulance 2 hours before but he left the premises. He was picked up at 2am taken to hospital and sectioned for his safety. This had been an ongoing concern for 3 weeks.

Next day another family concern and abusive situation over a drug habit and financial menace. Liaison with police. Banks social services wouldn’t get involved because the person being manipulated wouldn’t report out of fear. Police now involved.

We prayed for a number of people suffering from anxiety. We continue to support those who are in need of a meal. We are grateful to Grace kitchen for food parcels.

We need prayer over the long term financial situation. How do we proceed forward when restrictions ease? We have at least 7 senior volunteers shielding will they return? We need people to partner with to advance the kingdom. Local church not recognised by the majority on the estate? We constantly come under spiritual attack in various ways. Indirectly or directly. These are tough times but we believe God will do something truly amazing.

 It not by power not by might but by your Spirit says the Lord.

God Bless Nick and Donna


Open Doors

Has Leah been forgotten?

19 February 2021 marked three years since Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Islamic militants Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. Her parents haven’t heard from her since.

On 19 February 2018, over 100 girls were abducted from Leah’s school. Tragically, one of the girls died in captivity. All the others were released within a month – except Leah. Why was she the only girl who was kept? Because she refused to deny her faith in Jesus.

Since then, Leah has spent her 15th, 16th and 17th birthdays in captivity. In May, she will turn 18. Last year, news reached Leah’s family that she was still alive – through another woman who had been abducted. She hadn’t seen Leah, but she’d met another woman who had. This might seem like fragile hope, but it is a lifeline for her struggling family in the face of so little news.

Open Doors supporters are among many Christians around the world who are faithfully praying for Leah and her family – but there is a sense that others have forgotten about her. Nigeria’s President Buhari pledged to secure Leah’s freedom in the months after she was taken, and in 2019 there were assurances from the Nigerian government of ongoing negotiations. But things have gone quiet since then.

“I think it is safe to say that Leah is alive. But the silence from her captors and from the federal government is absolutely not good,” says Rev. Gideon Para Mallam, a friend of the Sharibu family, in an interview with Open Doors. “Indeed, no official news has come out about Leah this past year, neither from her kidnappers, nor from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The silence is troubling. Her parents deserve to be briefed by the government, at least covertly. But we are not getting any of that.”

Many Other Leahs

Like millions of Christian women and girls around the world, Leah is vulnerable both for her faith and her gender. Her name might be better known to Open Doors supporters than most, but she represents thousands of women and girls who have experienced similar persecution in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Boko Haram continue their onslaughts in sub-Saharan Africa, and even a global pandemic hasn’t slowed them down – as Rev. Gideon Para Mallam explains:

“In one day in December, just before Christmas, they kidnapped 70 people. They killed over 50 people. And then again, on Christmas Eve, they went to a number of villages in the Garkida area in Adamawa State and kidnapped a number of Christians. We also know about an attack by Boko Haram on a rice farm, in which they killed over a hundred people. So, despite the military offensives against them, Boko Haram still manages to cause havoc.”

“They remain hopeful that Leah will be back,” says Rev. Para Mallam, about Leah’s family. “This whole experience has not broken their spirit. I am very glad about that, because we have been constantly praying and working for that not to happen. We need to uphold them in prayer, so that their spirits are not broken.”


  • That God will continue to speak tender encouragement to Leah’s family
  •  For Leah’s safe return to her family and recovery from trauma
  • That the Nigerian government will be equipped to combat Boko Haram and fully support    victims and their families.


Tearfund CEO, Nigel Harris

20 was a year like no other. According to the World Bank, up to 150 million people could be pushed back into extreme poverty through the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns that have accompanied it. And, as these stories show, climate change and conflict continue to cause devastation.

But there is hope. Poverty is not God’s plan. We long to see all people reach their God-given potential. In the stories above, we see God’s church bringing that hope, bringing change, bringing good news to those who live in poverty.

We long to see a permanent end to extreme poverty and injustice. Join us a Tearfund partners with local churches and organisations who have a crucial role to play in the places worst affected by poverty. For there is hope; there is light in the darkness. Your Kingdom come, O Lord.

Climate commitments

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating, but the climate crisis has not been forgotten. In fact, polls show Britons believe climate change is as serious as the pandemic and are taking action.

This year has seen thousands of supporters joining in with our Reboot campaign – talking to their Mos, writing letters to the Prime Minister, and praying.

And there have been some significant promises in the last few weeks. In November, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution as part of plans to recover from the pandemic; by December, the UK committed to reduce its emissions by 68% before 2030; and then last weekend at the Climate Ambition Summit, the Prime Minister said the UK would be the first major economy to end direct support to all fossil fuels projects overseas.

These are game-changing commitments and well worth celebrating, but there is still a big gap between these new announcements and actual action on the ground to tackle the climate crisis.

This will be a key focus for Tearfund’s campaigning in 2021 in the lead up to a big climate summit to be hosted in Glasgow in November. Please pray for this.

Updated April 2021