Mission Partners

We choose to give away ten per cent of all our parish income in order to resource mission at home and overseas.  Two thirds of this money is shared between five mission partners selected by the PCC.   Information about what our partners are up to and how you can pray for them can be seen below.

Dave Maguire – Romania  

Champions Nick & Donna Rogers




  • A team of 12 visited Romania to work with Dave, his family and other Romanian evangelists in May.
  • We largely completed the building and construction of a wood framed house for a young Romany family connected with a church plant in a rural community. This was a physically demanding task which saw all members of the group working hard as a team, and developing some new building skills!
  • We supported Dave, and others, in attending and leading church services. We also took part in, and led, multi-lingual Bible Studies on several occasions during the week.
  • An increasing role of the group is supporting Dave with street and home evangelism. The group took part in street theatre, open-air worship, testimony, prayer walking in a village and people’s homes, providing food and drink and playing street games with large groups of children. A visual summary can be found on You Tube (thanks to Jason King) if you type in ‘Romania 2015 – Whitfield Parish’.
  • Another successful ‘Evening with Dave McGuire’ took place in February. This was enjoyed by many visitors and members of the parish.

Prayer requests

  • Continued protection and blessings for Dave and his family. It is often a challenge.
  • For the team going out this year at the end of May. Several people have committed, but there is room for more.
  • The country and people of Romania. That God would move amongst them and that many would be reached with the love of Jesus.

eden bus web-page-001

The Eden Bus

(Part of The Message)

Champion Peter Collard



The Eden Bus partners with local churches in areas of deprivation to bring the love of God to young people and the wider community. By working consistently in the same places week by week, we see transformed lives and a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Currently the Manchester bus is in four locations per week and recently we have seen a lot of young people discovering Jesus for themselves and joining churches. We’ve also had the joy of seeing parents come to Christ.

2015 has seen the bringing online of a second bus and the start of a third bus. The second bus includes some zany new ideas and features! We have a tree house in it and a climbing wall the full height of both decks. There are games consoles and a photo booth as well as a nail bar and a karaoke pod. It’s perhaps more unusually laid out than any previous Eden bus, with various levels and areas to explore. Ultimately the bus is a powerful draw for young people and has to be amazing so that the really important part – the relationships and sharing of God’s love – happens.

The plan is that we will have three full-time buses, serving Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow all year round, though the buses will be rotated to keep it interesting for the kids.
To have a look at the Eden Bus in action ..take a search for “Eden Bus” on You tube

Prayer requests

  • For the Eden team to be able to give a presentation of the gospel that will transform the young people’s lives
  • For the Spirit to move in the hearts of those who hear the message

For more information about The Message click here


jericho cafeNick & Donna Rogers at

Gamesley Community Cafe



The café has continued to be a place that feeds the community with more than just food and we have had some really blessed moments as well as some very challenging times.

We started the year with a continuation of Cafe Church every other Sunday, open to all ages. We always start with brunch Bible stories and song. In the summer we held children’s workshops and started Spirit Fall, a monthly evening meeting with open worship, which has been well attended.

We have set up an ‘Easy Fundraising’ account which means every time that you shop on the internet you can raise money for the café without it costing you anything. Please do help to support us this way if you can. Go to EasyFundraising for more information and to start the process. We currently have 18 supporters and raised £100 this last year through this. If half of the church supported us in this way we would be able to raise a considerable amount of funds without any financial outlay from people personally.

Prayer requests

  • Spiritual protection for us and healing for us and other members of our team.
  • Greater unity between local churches in the work that we with them.
  • Direction for the coming year; it will be our 10th anniversary this April.
  • Also pray for resources, financial and human. We need more volunteers with a heart for mission and reaching out to communities.

To keep up to date with what is happening at the cafe click here


open doors-page-001Open Doors

Champions Laurie Gill



Being a follower of Jesus in North Korea and many other places is very dangerous. Open Doors produced resources including Bible passages, prayers and some suggested actions to help us to “Live like a North Korean” and experience the “Secret Church”.
Open Doors highlights the ongoing suffering in the Middle East by supporting over 6,000 displaced families in Iraq and 9000 families every month in Syria.
Meanwhile in Nigeria, girls are missing, churches are torched and hundreds killed.
But despite the risks, many Iraqi, Syrian and Nigerian Christians are determined to stay and bring the light of Christ to their communities.
You can stand with persecuted Christians by
praying for them,
making a gift
writing to pastors and families affected by the violence


Prayer requests

  • Help with raising the profile of the plight of persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide.
  • More parishioners to come on board with this ministry.
  • To plan and host a ‘Secret Church’ event to show what is happening in the many places where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.
  • “We dream of a world in which every Christian who is persecuted is remembered and supported by other Christians.”

For more information on Open Doors click here


tearfund-page-001Tear Fund Change a Nation

Champion Jane Higginbottom


What is Tearfund Change a Nation all about?

Change a Nation is a partnership between New Wine and Tearfund working together to see the local church rise up and a nation changed.

Poverty tricks people into thinking they have nothing, and leaves them feeling worthless. But God tells us that we’re full of potential and blessed with gifts and resources. By supporting a church in Uganda, we can equip them to lead their community out of extreme poverty – changing the nation of Uganda one person at a time.

We will twin our church with a church in Uganda. Our financial gifts will support a facilitator to work with our partner church. Together, they will lead their community through a three-year PEP project, equipping people to overcome poverty. There’s even an opportunity for a group from our church to visit our partner church.

Prayer requests

  • Help for us as a church to embrace this new venture and begin to build relationships.
  • Nadine Parkinson and others will be at the upcoming New Wine summer gatherings to promote Change a Nation. Pray for energy, and for blessed conversations.
  • Pray that many more individuals and churches will be inspired to partner with the Ugandan church through Change a Nation.
  • Give thanks for the stories of lives changed and potential released.

For more information about Change a Nation and to take a look at the video about the programme click here