Mission Partners

We choose to give away ten per cent of all our parish income in order to resource mission at home and overseas. Two thirds of this money is shared between mission partners selected by the PCC. Information about what our partners are up to and how you can pray for them can be seen below.

TearFund – Israel and Gaza

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to worsen, with over a million people forced to flee their homes – and even more at risk of starvation. Tearfund is working with local churches and partners in the Middle East who are urgently responding to people’s needs

What to pray:  Pray for healing, Pray for peace, Pray for hope 

Pray for people who have been traumatised or injured; ask God to heal their physical and emotional wounds and bring them deep comfort. 

  • Pray for hospitals and medical workers who are struggling with limited resources and overwhelming needs. Ask God to provide all the resources and equipment they need to treat the sick and injured.
  • Pray for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the violence. 
  • Pray that God’s peace would fill the hearts and minds of everyone who is suffering as a result of this conflict. 
  • Pray for world leaders with influence in the region to make wise decisions that lead to lasting peace. 

Pray for safety 

  • Pray for all civilians – that God would protect them from harm, particularly the most vulnerable, including children, older people, and people with disabilities. 
  • Pray for humanitarian workers – for protection for those who are working to provide humanitarian assistance and medical supplies.  

Pray for strength 

  • Pray for church leaders – for wisdom and strength to lead people through fear and uncertainty. Pray for bravery as they guide their communities and offer loving support. 
  • Pray for Christian communities and faith leaders across the region – for unity, connection and mutual understanding so that they can help bring people together and show kindness. 
  • Pray for Tearfund’s partners in neighbouring countries – that God would strengthen them as they provide essentials such as food, blankets, mattresses and hygiene supplies to families who have been displaced. 

Updated June 2024

Open Doors June 2024 – Iran and North Korea

Open Doors helps Christians in over 60 countries, from training leaders to raising awareness about global persecution. You can find out more on their website at opendoorsuk.org

A Christian convert in Iran has been given a 15-year prison sentence for ‘undermining national security and promoting Zionist Christianity’. 

Yasin Mousavi from Izeh, south west of the capital Tehran, has been accused of two ‘crimes’. The first is ‘membership in disruptive groups’, which centres around his involvement in a Christian organisation; the sentence for this is ten years. The other five years is for ‘anti-regime propaganda’, which is for actively participating in protests in 2021 over deteriorating living conditions. Yasin was amongst those arrested in a crackdown on Christian activities over Christmas last year. He spent 20 days in solitary confinement, followed by five months in Sheiban Prison. He was released on bail on 1 May, before being sentenced on 27 May. Yasin has previously spent time in prison in 2017 and 2021. 

Several other Christian converts arrested in Izeh last year have also received harsh sentences. Hamid Afzali has been sentenced to 10 years, Nasrollah Mousavi and Bijan Qolizadeh to five years each, Zohrab Shahbazi to nine months, and Iman Saleh to five years. Two other unnamed converts have each been sentenced to two years.The strongly Islamic regime sees Christianity – which continues to grow at an extraordinary rate in Iran as a threat to its authority. It’s resulting in a crackdown that’s unpredictable and brutal. Please continue to keep the country and its faithful believers in your prayers. Please pray 

That Yasin and others who have recently been sent to prison will feel upheld by God’s strength and comfort, and pray that their faith will remain unwavering 

  • That their families will feel surrounded and sustained by the Holy Spirit’s comforting presence 
  • That the church in Iran will stay resilient, united and bold in their faith, and pray for international awareness of persecution to grow. 

North Korea’s punishment of two teenage boys is troubling reminder of regime’s brutality 

North Korea is in the news with the visit of President Putin, but little continues to be shared about the country’s atrocious abuse of human rights, as epitomised by the brutal punishment of two teenage boys for using and sharing songs and videos from South Korea. The ongoing abuses were recently covered in a UN Council discussion, but the specific threat to Christians was overlooked. 

Report back from Dave Maguire – June 2024   

This was when I travelled this year through Moldova to Ukraine for a family escaping the war with orphaned kids to a new life in the Christian community in Sighisoara.

Each time we go to Ukraine we have the honour to share God’s word and pray for refugees here in Cherovitz to 250.

We regularly send food for Ukraine refugees and help distribute also.

Local evangelism with hotdogs and drinks to the poor here in Romania with a visiting team.

I want to thank the Lord Jesus for all his grace and provision to serve the poor and oppressed and bring the good news of Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit ministering healings, salvations and deliverance to many who we meet at each place.

We have had the chance to go several times to Ukraine with food and the gospel of Jesus and share doing outreaches/conferences/church meetings and outdoor sharing with signs following the preaching of the gospel.

I’ve been able to teach at 2 Ywam sites in Romania this year and in a bibles school in the north of Romania.

We have had teams from Poland, Holland, Stockport England, Germany, stepping out in faith doing evangelism and being equipped in the word of God and the power of his Holy Spirit.

Ministry has expanded into new spheres and blessing new areas with God’s goodness.

A full summer is ahead with other trips to Ukraine /north Romania/ and west Romania doing outreach with the poor and needy and equipping the saints.

Also, we have a team from America coming and other ones asking also to come from Holland.

Keep us in prayer and please write back any thoughts from the Lord you might have to encourage us.

Blessings from the Maguires.

We thank you for supporting us in prayer and all your practical ways you keep us supported in God’s work.



Please continue to pray for the work of Embassy and the transformation they are bringing to so many lives.

  • We start on the village site on 15th July and still have £1M to find in order to complete the full build at this stage. Please pray as we’re now having to dip into reserves to help get this over the line and the builders need us to take on the risks around design, which is a shame but really we have no choice. We also have to take on the cost of the demolition. Praise that we’re finally starting! Request for trust applications to come in very favourably. 
  • We meet this week with a large building materials merchant. Please pray they do something incredible and give us all the building blocks we need!  
  • We’ve got a group of 6 people going to Nairobi to work in the slums in August. Last year some pulled out, which cost us. Please pray that they don’t do that this time: one already has, sadly. Pray for funding to cover the cost too, as I have 4/6 funded.
  • Pray for Gabriel, Steve and Vlad, who’ve all just left us in the past week for new homes; that they stay close to God and make it in their new lives. 
  • Pray for A & N who should be leaving us and in full-time work shortly.  
  • Pray for favour and wisdom. We take on an entire apartment block for women in October. We need more funding to make this work and favour with the council over housing benefits. 
  • Pray for us as we work to become a housing provider. The Charity Commission are being incredibly slow and are hiking up our application with central government. 

We are excited to be supporting the work of Embassy, a registered charity based in Manchester who provide incredible support for the homeless.