Our Vision & Values


Our desire is to Grow Together in Living and Loving Like Jesus.
In particular, we want to follow his teaching by growing in 3 ways:
Loving God, Loving one another &  Loving others – especially our community, but also globally.

We are convinced that it is only through a life-giving relationship with the living God that we can see forgiveness, eternal security and change in our own lives and that of others. 

What do we believe?

  • That God created a good world with human beings made in His image.  Humans and the whole of His creation are full of his DNA which is why there is so much beauty and creativity in the world and its people.
  • However, the world as it is and our lives as they are, have been marred by our self-centred choices giving rise to the brokenness and suffering we see all around us. None of us are fully the people we were created to be.
  • We believe that God, in the person of Jesus Christ, came into the world to show us a new way of living as he lived a fully human life.
  • What is more we believe that this Jesus, God Himself, died on the cross in a sacrificial swap for humanity taking the punishment for the results of our self centred choices so that we could know individual and corporate forgiveness and freedom
  • Following his death we believe that Jesus was raised from the dead by His Father to give us a fresh start, to show death can be beaten and usher in a new era of God’s renewing work in his world.
  • Jesus invites us all to follow Him and join God in renewing all things in the light of the future return of Jesus. To all those who believe He gives the gift of the Holy Spirit (God with us now).

We welcome all of every faith or none, church background or no church background to come and join us to explore this story together. Why not join the adventure….

How can we put out values and beliefs into practice to achieve our vision?


We want to help people of all ages and backgrounds, of every faith or none, church background or no church background to come and join in to explore this story and how it impacts our lives together.
It is our hope that as people explore and join in the life of the story of God they will grow in becoming committed disciples of Jesus and part of the worship of the church.


We want to disciple every person who joins in with the life of our communities in an atmosphere of love, prayer and Bible teaching to follow and become like Jesus whether they have just started looking at the story of God or have been following Jesus for years.


We want to release every member into ministry and mission in the power of the Holy Spirit, with opportunities to discover and fruitfully use each one’s gifts.


We want to build together in unity and in partnership with others to reach the whole town and beyond with the good news of Jesus, to bless and encourage Glossop and beyond, into the nations.